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My Sad, Sad, Yet Happy, Memories

Noone comes here anymore.  I doubt anyone even cares. So here i go.


Being in cp patriots was one of the best times i ever had. It kept me off boredom, but sadly all good things come to an end. All that remain now, and of me, are a few Smac posts and top 10s, and some sites.


Apparently  i have access to the site, so i might as well have a last few pieces of fun here.


Remember when we beat Yin and Yang? i remember the funny story told about it. I was chucking bombs apparently XD. I remember getting Small Army of the Year in 2012 on smac, and my picture in some random posts. I remember the creation of boot camp, and everything else.  I wish someone would remake this, but sadly i doubt it’ll happen. I suppose thats all i’ll share  for now.

From, Pheo

Former Member/Leader/2ic/Etc/ Current , and forever, Legend.